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Will's Way is excited about the growth we have experienced over the past 12 years. Our clinics in Hattiesburg, Gulfport, Summit, and now Magee continue to expand and we are thrilled to start work on a new and innovative project for our clinics. 

Dream Big is a new fundraising campaign aimed at helping us create a fun and functional space for our clients and we need your help.  We have created a village in Hattiesburg and Gulfport and hope to expand this idea to Summit and Magee soon! 

Our ABA therapy areas are transforming into a functioning "town" complete with locations like a Post Office, School, Market/Deli, Salon, Doctor Office, House, Gym, Pretend Fire Station, and a Barn. Each building in the the therapy center will be used for a different purpose. We will be focusing on a unique set of goals to help children learn functional skills within each of those settings. Our goal in this is to improve their ability to function in day to day activities while providing a fun place to learn. 

We need your help! You can purchase a                  or                  to this effort (click the buttons!).

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