Terms and Conditions

No Shows/Cancellations

Except under emergency circumstances, appointments cancelled without a 24-hour notice will be subject to a $50.00 fee after the first appointment. Due to the demand for services, we will terminate your treatment after failing to provide adequate notification of cancellation for three (3) regularly scheduled appointments without calling or rescheduling.

Arriving Late

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we will make every effort to see you but the appointment will not extend into the next appointment slot. Please be aware that if we are not able to see you, you will be charged a $50.00 fee.

Termination of Services

A client’s participation in therapy or an evaluation is voluntary and can be stopped at a client’s request at any point. Sometimes it is necessary for a therapist to terminate services when continued participation is deemed as a potential detriment to the child or their family. In the event of such termination, we will do our best to provide you with alternatives for service delivery in the area. Additionally, in the event that you become delinquent in your financial obligations and allow your account to remain past due for more than 60 days, services will be suspended until payment is received.  

Insurance Reimbursement

Will’s Way, as a courtesy, files insurance claims for clients with select insurance companies. It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider before you initiate any mental health services. Regardless of insurance coverage, payment is due at the time of service and is ultimately the responsibility of the client. 

Returned Checks

Please be aware, returned check fees are $30.00 per returned check plus amount of the original charge.

Legal Custody

A legal guardian must be present at the initial appointment to give written consent for services. Step-parents, aunts, grandparents, or other caregivers without legal guardianship will NOT be allowed to sign consent for services. Appointments will not be scheduled until our office receives a copy of all custody papers.


Payment is expected at the time the service is rendered. By signing this document, you are agreeing to pay for the services rendered and any additional expenses that may be accrued in collecting said fees. We will always provide you with the service fees associated with any type of therapy or assessment you are seeking prior to service delivery.

Psychological Testing

It is our policy to collect ½ of the assessment estimate at the time of testing and ½ prior to the report interpretation. Individual family prices will vary based on client insurance benefits. Office staff will estimate payment based on insurance type and coverage and provide families with estimates prior to initiating any testing services.  Written reports will not be released to families without payment in full.

Legal Proceedings

A valid credit/debit card is required on file for all court cases.

Court/Legal related services are not considered “therapy” for medically necessary problems and therefore, are NOT covered by insurance. Fees for forensic and court related appointments are charged on an hourly rate ($150.00 per 45 minutes). Fees are charged for all activities with clients, family members, attorneys, or other legal personnel including face-to-face, email correspondence, phone consultations, record gathering or written responses (on-site at Will’s Way).

Activities that require a therapist to travel off-site (i.e., home, work, attorney office, or court) are billed at $150/hour plus ½ time ($75/hour) for travel time and mileage (current national rate).   

There are additional fees for depositions and court appearances. These services will require a separate consent form. The fee for depositions is $900.00 for the first hour of testimony and $200.00 for each additional hour. Time limits for depositions will be imposed and may need to be rescheduled if they go longer than expected. Payment is required in full prior to any testimony. A valid credit card is required prior to the start of testimony. Depositions will be canceled for lack of payment.  

The fee for ALL court appearances (i.e., subpoenas, testimony as expert or fact witness) is $1500.00 per day plus travel ($75.00/hr.), mileage, and expenses (hotels, meals, etc.). Court fees are nonrefundable and due in full at time of the request/subpoena. If a court date is extended and the therapist is required to appear for a subsequent court date, an additional fee of $1500.00 is required. Payment for subsequent dates will be due in full prior to court appearance.

If the court date is canceled or postponed and notice is provided to therapist more than 2 weeks prior to original date, 75% of fee will be refunded.  If the date is rescheduled to another date, an additional $1250.00 will be charged (same payment requirements are due).


Copies of chart notes (progress notes, extra copies of evaluations) are free for the first 20 pages, thereafter $0.50 per page.