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About Us

New Path. A Brighter Future

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Our Story

The Story of "Will" –   Our Name Inspiration

Will's Way was inspired by our friend, Will. When he was 18 months old, Will had only 5 words in his vocabulary. He displayed many tell-tale signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder such as spinning and arm flapping. He was not able to self-regulate his moods and behavior. His frustration with his inability to communicate effectively led to tantruming and oppositional behavior. At the age of 3, Will was diagnosed with autism. Through intervention techniques, such as those used by the Will's Way treatment team, Will learned ways to communicate and redirect his frustrations appropriately.


Will, however, is much more than a child with autism. Will is an artist. His talent for drawing allows not only for artistic expression but also for emotional expression. He expresses his frustrations, joys, fears and current pop culture obsessions through his art. He loves to make movies on the computer and set them to music to the delight of the people around him. Now fully verbal, he loves to laugh and make others laugh too. Will graduated from high school in 2021 and is currently attending Temple University and hopes to have a career in the film business one day.


Inspired by Will's journey, our mission is to help all children unlock their unique gifts and reach their full potential.

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